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UAE is certainly a land of large number of petrolheads which is evident from the glitzy cars on the road.

This is augmented by the superior and unparallel road infrastructures made possible by the administration. The performance of the automotive industry serves as an important barometer on the state of the economy of a country. The UAE’s automotive market has been growing yearly and will continue to keep growing, given the state-of-the-art impetus and facilities set up around this industry to facilitate trading in automobile and spare parts. Dubai’s s access to the MENA and South East Asia automobile market assures its position as a major importer and exporter making it a hub for automobile manufacturers and traders. Our team will be able to help our clients with establishment of an automotive company, assist in the drafting, reviewing and negotiating the franchising agreements, dealer or distribution agreements or Joint Venture arrangements as well as Service Agreements.

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